Create free viral challenges using MemberFactory

No, I am not talking about that crazy bucket or find a pokémon challenge. I’m referring to challenges that smart marketers have been creating silently to build their mailing lists of extraordinary size.

As Josh stated it beautifully in his blog post How to Create Free Challenges That Drive Traffic to Your Site, these challenges serve as mini-courses that help readers achieve their goal, usually within 30, 60, or 90-day framework.

He also gave a few examples of such challenges:
Shape’s 30-Day Slim Down Challenge
Saving Toward a Better Life’s 7-Day, $500 Savings Challenge
Creative Hive’s 30-Day A Sale A Day Challenge
Nathan Barry’s 30-Day Audience Building Challenge

I strongly recommend you to read Josh’s post, before continuing with rest of this message.



So, why challenges work so well?

Because they are attractive, allow you to showcase your expertise, help qualify leads, and motivate & spur action. That’s why they become viral.

And creating such viral challenges is easier than you think.

All you need to do is map out a clear journey path of your challenge.

You must define a clear starting point A, and an end point B. Your audience will start from point A, take all the steps as you’ve laid out, and reach to the destination point B.
If you look closely, this is no different than a short course, dripped over time.

Let’s take a look at it again.

Assume that you want to run a free challenge as “Build Your Own e-course In 30 Days

You will probably break down that challenge into daily steps as follows:

Day 1: List down 10 things that bother you most

Day 2: Google your own problems and find out if others have faced the similar issues. Note down the comments & suggestions that people posted.

Day 3: Research on Amazon to find out any books addressing the same issue. Note down the best sellers. Note down their table of contents.

Day 4: Post on Facebook asking your friends & family good books or resources that helped them in resolving similar issues. Note down the details.

Day 5: Create a topic outline of 30 days
You get the idea ?

Once you have all 30-day steps ready, create 30 lessons inside your MemberFactory site.

Set the drip such that first lesson is unlocked instantly after signing up, the second lesson on day 1, the third lesson on day 2, and so on…until the last lesson.

Create a free membership plan for the challenge, or a paid one.

That’s it.

Post about your challenge on Facebook, and email your list. Ask people to participate.

Encourage them to post their progress for each day on the lesson page.

They will be excited to participate, comment, and share your challenge.

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  1. Hey Deep! This is a great hack. I’ve been plotting on how I can use Invanto to host my Instagram Challenge.

    1. I am glad you found it helpful. Do share with us the results, either here or in the FB group 🙂

  2. Thanks Deep. Just launching our new SaaS platform and have found some simple issues clients have on signup which we had no idea would be issues. Anyway, a 30 day challenge can help us achieve 2 things. 1. Give great content that builds trust in potential clients and 2. Have them all ready for a smooth transition into the app on completion of the course. Thanks again for taking the time to outline this idea.

    1. Jonathan, we gonna do the same thing too for invanto platform users, i.e. create mini challenges to complete in XX-day format and these challenges will take them step-by-step to learn more about the apps. So, good luck with your “challenge”…I’m sure it’s gonna help your customers big time 🙂

  3. I LOVE this.. I’m doing this now via Active Campaign for a 7 day challenge, but about 25% of the people say they never got the email, (even though the logs show they did), but doing it in MF would be SO MUCH EASIER and I can engage in a conversation on each challenge page. This is fantastic.

    1. Yes Gisele, that is the biggest benefit, engage them on each lesson page for conversation. When they will see comments from other users, that will keep them motivated for progression…if we manage this only via an autoresponder, it feels dead…people give up before completing the entire challenge. So, go for it 🙂