7 Guru techniques to keep your members paying

We devote months in research, find the desirable niche, and build remarkable quality content.

Eventually, setting up everything, we ‘start with a bang!’ hoping 100s of people will join our Membership Site.

Most of us even get a lot of members. Everyone gets happy. Life is set!  But then…

Comes the second month, and bam!…lot of members start cancelling their subscriptions. Some of them even ask for a refund.

“What could be the possible reason for our unhappy members?”

We take it as a challenge and start again to market it. If we are as lucky as last month, we get more new members. We get happy again.

Comes the third month, and all we see is even more cancellations and refunds!

What’s going on? I mean really!

No matter how good your content is, people will cancel, and, people will ask for a refund.

But you can change all that by following few simple principles.

Let’s get to that:

1. Fix Your Billing Frequency

If you bill your members on a month-to-month basis, you won’t have much luck keeping them longer!

No matter how less you charge, people will cancel.

Paying every month just creates a subconscious pressure of timely consuming the content, else they get a feeling of throwing their money around, which might make them eventually opt-out.

Tip – Try going for quarterly, or yearly plans instead of a monthly membership plan. This will give your members “enough” time to go through your content. As a result, cancellation and refund rate will go down.

2. The – What Next – Tactic

Sure your site is trending today but what next? How to make members to keep coming back for more?

The best way to keep members interested is by sharing the glimpses of the future topics/content that you’ll be coming up with in the near future.

Tip – Use previews to enhance the anticipation not just on your membership sites but also incorporating it in the email updates to your members. Keep them posted on what you are currently working on. Send them previews. It will keep them excited.

3. Drip Feed – Bring Them Back For More

This is a decent technique if your content involves a step by step process of a learning experience.

I mean, unless you are providing remedy of some ailment that your members want “right now”, you can use the drip feed strategy to roll out the content on a pre-defined schedule.

For example, send Module 1 in first month, Module 2 in second month, and so on. They should not be able to access month 2 content in advance.

If your content is good in first month, they’d certainly stick with you for next month, and so on.

4. Engaging Opinions

People love editorials for it gives them opportunity to think it over and express how strongly they agree or disagree with you.

Add your personal touch by sharing your perspective on related topics.

Charge up your creative chakras and use analogies to make good-bad-worse comparisons ever made. Example, if you are in health niche, you can give your opinion on which body building products work great and which to stay away from.

Again, If you are in real estate niche, you can write your opinion regarding which areas will breed the best return on their investments in the near future and why!

Good or bad … people tend to get involved in a better way!

5. Monthly Interactive Session

Now that’s called focusing on the real pain points of your members.

Shoot up an email and ask your members about where they get stuck or things that they would like you to address.

Create a monthly free downloadable report addressing the selected questions and send it to them.

This will work two-ways:

  • First, your members will receive direct help from an expert – You!
  • Second, you can also club these reports to create a paid course in itself for the future.

6. Create Case Studies

The most engaging way to keep your members all wired up. 

Plan to highlight the narrative of a member in each quarter or whatever timeline that suits you:

  • Highlighting the status of their learning experiences with your content
  • The problems they faced,­
  • The measures they took to come out successful.

Interview them and record their learning experience. With their permission, share it with all other members. This will inspire the other members to keep on learning and you would get the whole lot of subscribers wedged on your site.

7. Member Spotlights – The Fame Game

With the plenty of social sites pouring in, we sure know that every member out there wants to stand out of the crowd one way or the other.

The events and contests always keep the members lively and interested.

  • Create levels based on the current learning experience that your members have being associated with your site.
  • Award points/badges/certificates to the outstanding performers so that they can move up the levels of experience.

Members look-forward to be part of the whole fun while overcoming the challenges posed in the contests. Make your members famous equals to getting them glued to your site! Ta-da!

Give the opportunity of having a voice and platform to the ones who are willing to engage, and your member retention will sure take care of itself – smooth!

What’s your member retention strategy?

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